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Friday, July 07, 2006


Joseph Ford

What exactly was the purpose of this class action suit? I was an unknowing recipient of a check from this settlement. The amount? $1.71! The law firm received 32% of the total $7M settlement! Sounds like this lawsuit was just for the lawyers. It certainly wasn't for the people. What a waste of court time. A classic example of fraud, waste and abuse in the court system. I'm not disgruntled because of the amount I received, as I was unaware I was even part of it. I'm disgruntled because this lawsuit was just a waste of an already overloaded court's time and energy.


What is this whopping 1.71 check for? Does anyone know????


Again, I am not involved in this case and I have no additional information about it. Please direct your inquiries to the offices of the plaintiffs' counsel, Strange & Carpenter. Please do not email me.

Amber Larkin

I too, was wondering about this BIG settlement check of $1.71 that I received in the mail yesterday. Luckily I happened onto this site. I'm wondering how they even came up with my name.


As a plaintiff whose rights are protected by the laws of this great country of ours, this huge check for $1.17 vs. $2,100,000.00+ for the lawyers......does this inequity shout out to you? Should it not be as questionable for lawyers to be judges and elected officials deciding law as it is for bankers to be robbers and thieves trusted with your life savings? Hmmmmmmm.


HAHA.......I too, recieved this huge check for the same amount. Do we dare cash it or is there a 'catch' to it?
Don't spend it all in one place, everyone!

Denise Owens

This is what the class action lawsuit was about....

"Class action against credit card companies for improper treatment of consumers including improperly charging interest, late fees, and over the limit fees."

Hope that helps.

J. T. Seay

Thank god this check came today.
Now I can retire and not have to worry.

Check Recipient

My fortune cookie at lunch today said: "You will prosper at home and in business." WOW!!!! This $1.71 is incredible. How do I get more zero's behind it now?


So can we sue the law firm for taking most of "our" lawsuit money??


$1.71 does not equate to 2 + years of overlimit fees. So when does our Class action suit start against the lawyers? Count me in, and put my name on it so i get paid this time!


After reading this posting I figured out what our cut would have been if the lawyers hadn't taken a 32% slice of the pie. Add another whopping $.72 to your $1.71. Now you can almost buy a cup of coffee at Starbuck's!!


I too thought this was some gimmick to hook me for signing up to some expensive scheme. But no, it's a measley payout by a company that probably rooked me out of a whole lot more. Well, thanks. I guess.


How can these attorney's sleep at night?


I too received the mega-millionless check. But I have endorsed it then sent it to my favorite charity along with a personal check. Do the same!


Thank God for this great check. It is definitely gonna buy me a Big Mac hamburger. Dont you just LOVE lawyers?


OK, everyone, it's time to direct your concerns to the attorneys who filed this case. You can reach Ms. Jill Hood of Strange & Carpenter at (310) 207-5055 or Comments are now closed.

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