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Thursday, March 08, 2007


mary dumont

Amazing. So much detail. How do you do it? Seriously, do you know shorthand. Your summary was so perfect that I can only say: it was perfect.

Kimberly A. Kralowec

Thanks, Mary. I'm glad to get your confirmation that the summary appears accurate. I can write very fast and I have a system of personal abbreviations I've been using for years. Also my notes help me think back, visualize the argument and recall more about what was said.

Kimberly A. Kralowec

I would like to encourage people to post comments with their thoughts on the argument, particularly those who attended. My note-taking system is certainly not fallible and I would welcome additions or clarifications from others who attended the argument. I would also be interested in hearing people's impressions about the argument generally. My traffic stats tell me that a lot of people are reading this, which is great, and I'd like to hear what you have to say. Thanks!

michael walsh

Excellent work, Kim. For that matter, nice work by commenter Mary Dumont, too, on whose notes my own post on the hearing was largely based.


Hello Kim
I have been doing Google searches on just about any term related to this whole case. I was an employee for almost 4 years for a co. that took advantage of their employees time and I was expected to work through the day with little time away from my desk. I averaged an 11 hour workday. I was made aware of the Murphy Vs. Kenneth Cole case by an HR rep with my new job. I am going through all of my time records going back to Jan. 2003 to add up every single missed meal period. I appreciate your journal of this hearing. I am doing my best to educate myself. I would appreciate any advice you may have.

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