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Monday, February 04, 2008


christian mueller

Is there a class action lawsuit going on against cashcall? how can I become a part of it, I was mislead by them also

Nekisha Lewis

Cash Call is a rip off. They are also harassing me because I missed a payment. I just left the shelter and i am struggling. They will not allow me to make any arrangements at all. If there is a class action lawsuit, please count me in.

michael midelton

I have a loan with cash call and would like to be part of the class action lawsuit also. Please contact me.

Josh Swigart

Last week the Court approved the letter which will be distributed to all class members by mail. I anticipate this letter being sent out within the next two weeks. Included in our class are approximately 532 affected California consumers. Based on the prior discovery order, the only information disclosed to Plaintiff's counsel was the loan numbers associated with the affected class members. If you believe you may have been monitored, please feel free to contact me directly with your loan number and I can see if you are on the list.
Joshua B. Swigart
Hyde & Swigart
411 Camino del Rio South, Ste. 301
San Diego, CA 92108
619-297-1022 fax

Yolanda H.

I have been the victim of harrassment by CashCall as well. I've paid back over $10,000 in principle off of a $10,000 loan. Due to cutbacks in my employment, I am no longer able to pay the $332 per month. I only started sending Cashcall $100 money orders last month, but they call me 10 times a day. They also call my job. I've closed my checking account and got a PO box, so they could no longer track me. I told them to communicate with me via my PO Box. I tried to work with them and just sent them my second money order of $100, but depsite my providing them with proof of my financial situation, they continue to harrass me for full monthly payments. I was told by a lawyer to take them to small claims court. But I want to wait and see what happens with this class action lawsuit. CashCall has not returned my money orders so far, so I assume they've cashed them. Either way, I'm not backing down! Since I have paid them over $10,000, I will pay them a FAIR INTEREST on the $10,000 and not a penny more! I would like to be a part of this lawsuit. However, I don't feel comfortable giving out my loan account number via the internet. Please understand, I just feel weary about who I can trust. Can anyone send me info about how I can participate in this lawsuit against CashCall? My email is [email protected].
Thanks and God Bless.

Albert Ruiz

I have a loan with Cash Call for $5000. I got a 7 year loan with an interest rate of 60% and am paying over $250 a month. Could you guys please help me.


my husband and I got a loan from cash call 2 years ago. it was for 1500. we were told that we would have a 57% interest rate. When we got the paperwork from them are interest rae went ti 99%. We made 3 years worth of payments and atill have a huge balance. I have tried to contact them and see if they would lower my interest rate and they refused. They have been taken the money out of our account plus extra when they didn't have permission. My husband and I had to close our bank account and we now own the bank money cause they kept trying to take money from an account that had nothing in it. These people need to be shut down and for the people who have already paid more then their balance hould not have to pay them anymore.

eva merrick

I, too, am interested in a class action against cash call. Please forward materials to [email protected]. Thank you.

Angela Lee

I would like to be a part of the class action suit my email address is [email protected].


I was sent an email about the class action lawsuit but it was for their monitoring practices. According to the email, sent in September, there was no trial date set. Does anyone have any new info?

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