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Monday, March 08, 2010



Pfizer, perhaps?

Kimberly A. Kralowec

Yes, that would be good, but if they're going to take up a case, Weinstat and Steroids have better facts.

For the record, I think the outcome of those two cases was correct and consistent with Tobacco II, whereas Cohen and Pfizer cannot be reconciled with it. It's very difficult to read the tea leaves and figure out why the Supreme Court would pass on one case and (perhaps) take up a different one later.

If you remember a couple of years ago, both Pfizer and Tobacco II had review petitions pending, and the Court expedited the latter case in order to grant review in it before the time expired in Pfizer and make Tobacco II the lead case. This was my blog post from October 2006 on that development.

And going back to this 2006 post reminds me that Justices Chin and Corrigan are disqualified in Pfizer. That could be a reason why, if they take up a case, it might not be that one.

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