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Proposition 64 Orders

CAVEAT: The orders and tentative rulings listed below originated from a variety of sources. I have not independently investigated their accuracy. Please note that as to some of the tentative rulings, I have no information on whether they were contested, argued, or adopted in the form preserved here.

Prop. 64 Does Not Apply to Pending Cases: Prop. 64 Applies to Pending Cases: Miscellaneous Prop. 64 Orders (including tentative rulings not yet adopted):
  • Jarvis v. Royal Numico N.V., San Francisco County Superior Court case no. CGC 02 403532, Judge Robert L. Dondero (order dated 01/12/05)

  • Bivens v. Sanford, Los Angeles County Superior Court case no. SC075348 (South Central District, Compton), Judge Victoria M. Chavez (tentative ruling dated 12/03/04) [tentative ruling not adopted; matter taken under submission pending a further hearing in May; subsequent outcome unknown]